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Serving Northern Nevada and the West Coast since 1971
Specializing in Mine services and Pneumatic Bulk Deliveries.

"A little about us"

Specialized Transport, LLC dba GE Transport, Is owned by Chris Benna and Clint Capurro, who purchased the GE Transport from one of the original founders, Verlyn "Pinky" Gray. The other founding partner, Charlie Evans was bought out by Pinky in 1996 due to Charlies declining health. Pinky started out hauling dirt and equipment and Charlie was hauling powder cement. It was 1971 that the two came together and purchased authority to haul cement and formed GE Transport.

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We need SMART THINKING HARD WORKING class A drivers w/ doubles endorsement and talent... Looking for a new career?   Looking for a challenge?  Would you like to know more?


Terminal Office:
155 Lyon Drive
Fernley, NV 89408

(775) 575-2220 - Office
(775) 575-2115 - Fax

Corporate Office:
3025 Mill St
Reno, NV 89502

(775) 329-8842 - Office
(775) 359-3593 - Fax